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Vb net datagridview validating

It addresses many issues and contains several new features.

The Kettic Data Grid View allows users of the control easily validate data grid cells when data is committed to the data source.

To validate data to grid cells and rows, we need to use the Validate Cell event, which will be raised by the Kettic Data Grid View when there are any changes to the current cell or when the grid cell loses input focus like.

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Kind regards, Jack the Telerik team Hello again, please see this ticket, these are the errors I found in the new Q2, therefore unwanted upgrade, I expect any positive response on these mistakes to follow your advice, thank you for answering. threadid=225707 Hello, I wanted to respond on the same ticket, but did not find how to do it, if I understood well the error referred to is found in the latest version of the Q2 control Multi Column Combo Box This error occurs when you select an item from the list that contains , also to write some of the items, ie when the control is going to filter, this sends the same error, I put the code for the filter I found in the forum or that you gave me or that the Help do not remember where I got it right, even when pressing the button up or down key, I guess it should select an item from the list, but sends me the same error as comment is as follows: I hope to have given enterder error, Thanks for responding, hope I have helped somewhat in the evolution of these great controls and thanks for all the help I provide.

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I hope that the provided information addresses your question.

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So you can use Cell Validating event of Data Grid View to validate integer type column as well as other. Cell Validating Dim cell As Data Grid View Cell = Data Grid View1. Private Sub rad Grid View1_Cell Begin Edit(sender As Object, e As Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args) Handles Rad Grid View1.Cell Begin Edit Dim editor As Rad Text Box Editor = Direct Cast(e.Active Editor, Rad Text Box Editor) If Not Is Nothing(editor) Then Dim editor Element As Rad Text Box Editor Element = Direct Cast(editor.Editor Element, Rad Text Box Editor Element) Add Handler editor Element.Hello Gilberth, I am glad to hear that you have found solution for this issue. I still recommend you try our latest release Q2 2009.