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Co worker dating boss

Reasons are for reasonable people, and repeating yourself and explaining things more just gives unreasonable people the idea that stuff is negotiable.

This is not possible due to my own travel arrangements, but she is not taking it well, to the extent that I am feeling harassed/threatened by her reactions that she is sharing with me and others.

I am also a big believer in telling bosses/teachers etc.

To the extent you can, block her from emailing you on your personal email or calling your personal phone #.

If it’s not clear, this coworker is now on “only essential work conversations” lockdown.

Dear Captain Awkward, I have a situation that is getting very awkward indeed.

what action you hope they’ll take (they are also human beings who can be thrown by really awkward situations and sometimes they don’t know).Besides “be generally aware in case things escalate”, some things you might ask the boss to do: G) What happens next depends on what she does.

I need to know that you hear and understand me right now.” If you think it would help, have the conversation. My coworkers aren’t inviting themselves on my France journey. Still, since the fires of weirdness are ablaze, don’t fuel them. C) When she asks how planning is going, you say “ [subject change to work topic]?Use your friend’s name in any bookings, too, to make yourself harder to find.F) Depending on your relationship with your manager, bring it up with them first. You could follow up/document via email, but start in-person.Possible script (credit to my friend E., who is a manager of many people and who served as part of my WTF? It’s not directly related to my job duties, so I didn’t mention it to you sooner.As you know, I’m going to Tokyo on vacation soon, and I was very surprised when Coworker announced her plans to take a similar trip, and she has been pressuring me to make plans together.Obviously this problem is a bit different from many of the other letters you get, but I have no idea how to address this situation. Thank you, Tokyo Traveller preferred pronouns she/her Dear Tokyo Traveller, This is a nightmare, and one reason it’s a nightmare is that you’ve already told her directly that you don’t want to hang out with her in Japan and she’s blatantly not accepting this reality. When someone refuses to engage with the reality of what you are saying when it conflicts with their own desires, that is very weird, and scary!