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Also, 920 Steel looks like a lot, but when using only 20% of that under the Free trade law, the massive expansion of military production will lead to shortages by late 1939.

Historically, the United States supported the Allies and joined World War II in December 1941 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

From the war it emerged as one of two superpowers, the other being the Soviet Union.

The result of this will be to convert the USA to a fascist or communist country.

The party and leader of the country will change, and they will change the name and flag.

Once this has happened, the diplomatic rules applied to fascist or communist countries apply to the USA. Depending on how the player handles this - various events will pop-up asking them on how they would like to proceed - the player may end up in a civil war, against the forces of democracy.

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The United States military of 1936 boasts of a navy that rivals the United Kingdom, but an army and air force hampered by limited manpower and shortages of equipment.

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The United States will either have to move away from a pure free trade doctrine by around 1940, or use its massive reserve of civilian factories to trade for Steel.However, due to the immense 70% consumer factory requirements by the country's national spirits, the U. only has 32 civilian factories available for construction. S.'s economic potential, one has to go to war to enable the removal of The Great Depression modifier and to change the economic laws.Another undermining factor for the country's might is the low number of military factories, rendering its army very weak at the start.These are composed of 12 infantry battalions whilst the regular army divisions are composed of 9 battalions. It starts in 1936 with a total of 235 ships, the same amount as the UK but with a heavier emphasis on submarines, and slightly fewer capital ships.Four infantry divisions are forward-deployed to the Philippines, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the Panama Canal, with the garrison brigades stationed across several Pacific islands. The United States is able to build all Tier I vessels and is also able to produce the Tier II Ranger-class aircraft carriers, Brooklyn-class light cruisers and Porpoise-class submarines.One long-term strategic goal for the United States is to acquire Siamese Rubber or Japanese Chromium by controlling the respective provinces.